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A biodiversity treasure house

The Uzungwa Scarp rises majestically over the Kilombero Valley. This forest-clad escarpment is included in the Uzungwa Scarp Forest Reserve, one of the largest forest blocks in the Eastern Arc Mountains, extending over 32,763 ha. The reserve is proposed to be upgraded to becoming a Nature Reserve and is included in the World Heritage Site nomination document for the Eastern Arc Mountains. The reserve is surrounded by eight villages.

Uzungwa Scarp Forest

Uzungwa Scarp's biological importance

The Uzungwa Scarp forest has five plant and three vertebrate species that are strictly endemic to the reserve with another 15 Udzungwa endemic vertebrate species. The forest also has populations of the Udzungwa-endemic Sanje mangabey and Iringa red colobus.

Uzungwa Scarp under threat

The reserve is under heavy pressure for timber, fuel wood and bushmeat. Research has shown that populations of some mammals,


including the Iringa red colobus monkey and Abbott's duiker have collapsed due to a combination of bushmeat hunting and habitat degradation. Click here for more information about the alarming results of research on the biodiversity status of the reserve.

TFCG's work in Uzungwa Scarp

Since 2008 the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group, working closely with the Trento Museum of Natural History, Italy have worked with communities around the reserve, mainly promoting environmental education. Additional resources are urgently needed in order to halt further loss of forest and biodiversity in Uzungwa Scarp.