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Environment, Development, Governance and Education in Kilwa and Rufiji Districts

People living in Rufiji and Kilwa District are amongst the poorest in Tanzania. Many depend on illegal logging and charcoal production for their livelihoods. TFCG is helping people in seven villages next to important coastal forests in Rufiji and Kilwa, to break the cycle of forest depletion and adopt more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyles.

Southern Tanzania

In 2007, TFCG challenged seven villages in Kilwa and Rufiji Districts to come up with a vision of how they could live more harmoniously with the environment around them. Women, men, young and old were involved in the discussions. As a result each village came up with its unique vision and a strategy to achieve that vision.


TFCG are now working with each of those villages to make that vision a reality. This includes supporting villages to improve their agriculture; to develop village land use plans and gain more secure land tenure; to conserve the forests on village land; to participate in jointly managing adjacent government reserves; and to integrate environmental education in the curriculum that is being taught in the primary schools.


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