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TFCG’s Environmental Education Programme

Communicating the extraordinary nature of Tanzania’s forests, the threats that they face and the actions that we can all take to conserve them is at the heart of our Environmental Education programme. We believe that understanding is the first step towards caring and acting.

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Getting environmental education into the classroom – TFCG’s work with schools

The future of the forests lies in the hands of our children and grandchildren. Training teachers in Environmental Education and providing them with teaching materials is at the heart of our environmental education programme. Through our work, over 100 primary schools and 20 secondary schools in the Eastern Arc Mountains and coastal zone now regularly include Environmental Education in their teaching. Most of these schools are in extremely remote areas where teaching materials and teacher training opportunities are very limited. Through TFCG’s support, many of these schools now also run their own tree nurseries managed by the students and teachers. These tree nurseries provide a practical learning opportunity for the children as well as generating much-needed income for the schools.

World Environment Day June 5th

Celebrating the richness of Tanzania’s forests and putting them on people’s agenda is central to our regular World Environment Day celebrations. These are usually held in remote villages and involve local musicians, artists, drama groups and poets. They are colourful, lively, noisy, provocative and fun events! We encourage local leaders to visit the villages and learn about the environmental issues that confront the communities living close to the Eastern Arc Mountain and Coastal Forests on a regular basis. Through national media these events are often broadcast on national radio and television. If you would like to participate, let us know and we can give you directions to this year’s events.


Communicating strategically

TFCG have adopted a strategic approach towards communication. We have carried out detailed analyses of the kinds of information that different groups of people need as well as finding out how we can get that information to them as efficiently as possible. TFCG developed the Communication Strategy for the National Forest Programme and for the UNDP / GEF Conservation and Management of the Eastern Arc Mountain Forests. 325 kb.

Working with the media

With a growing media industry in Tanzania, we have ever more opportunities to reach out to the general public. Much of our work has been with radio broadcasters because of radio’s reach into the communities living close to Tanzania’s forests. TFCG has been involved in producing more than 100 radio programmes ranging from documentaries to news items each of which provide information about forest conservation to millions of people. TFCG have also produced several television documentaries for broadcast on national television as well as one that was broadcast on BBC World.


TFCG publish two newsletters called The Arc Journal and Komba which highlight issues of relevance to forest conservation in the Eastern Arc and Coastal forest biodiversity hotspot. Komba is produced in Swahili and is targeted towards communities. The Arc Journal is produced in English and is distributed to all district governments in Tanzania as well as to projects, donors, researchers and others with an interest in forest conservation.